How we got started

Since I can remember I've been fascinated with light and its qualities.   As a kid, an art teacher turned me on to light sculpture and helped me to understand the electronics behind the magic.  In high school I started creating my own lighting fixtures and controls for bands I played with.  Later, after getting married I started working with professional lighting equipment to create shows for community groups.  After many years of designing for various types of shows, and after coming to Christ, I started helping churches with their lighting installations. 

Arken Lighting was created to continue to help churches, schools and community theaters by making available high quality theater lighting fixtures and products at a lower cost

We believe in being good stewards in all areas of life, including the environment. With the latest technology advancements, it is possible to create great lighting solutions with lower power requirements than in the past. With that in mind, we seek mostly LED based (or other low wattage - high output) products.

We look for manufacturers that OEM products and fixtures for other “Brand” name companies and work with them to get good prices, without spending extra to put our name on it. These "no-name" fixtures are of the same high quality with the same warranties, though may be different versions or designs.

Where we can't find comparable alternative versions, we will also carry "Brand" name products as well and seek to get the best prices.  These products and companies are usually well established and stable.  However, we also seek out new technologies that are innovative and/or more efficient than their predecessors or competition.

We also believe in helping to educate those who are new to theater lighting. There are many houses of worship, schools or clubs, etc., that are just getting into lighting or who want to add some fixtures to their existing lighting, but may not know where to start.  With over 25 years experience in lighting and design we’ve created our Basics page to help with terminology on design, power loads, safety, etc.

In addition to fixtures and accessories, we also offer design services.  Using the latest CAD software and custom programming, this can include 2D and 3D CAD modeling, weight and power load calculations and bill of materials. 

What's in a Name

The name “Arken” is derived from a few different sources. One source, “Arkyn”, “Arkin” or “Arkeen” is Norwegian and means the "Eternal King’s Son", or who many others refer to as the "Light of the world".  Another, “Arkin” in Sanskrit, means "Radiant with Light" or "Light from within". Also in Sanskrit, “Archan” means "to worship".

In Tolkien’s "The Hobbit", there is the “Arkenstone” that has some unique qualities, two of which are that it shined of its own inner light and reflected multiple times any light shown upon it. 

All of these references are pieces to the puzzle; even the owner’s first name played a small part in it.

We want to reflect some of these qualities in our business and help you to let your light shine.  We hope that you will find what you’re looking for here and at a good price.  If not, we hope that you will drop us a line on how we can improve.